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You are unique, and so is our care

We will take special interest in you, your strengths, and your needs, like no other. This is because Joshua Harry Health Care was founded on a passion to provide truly targeted services that meet your unique needs. You are an individual and there is no one like you. All of our workers are highly trained in understanding you, and they are passionate about giving optimal choice and opportunity for you to build your capacities and fulfill your dreams.




We are a smaller family based entity which helps us maintain quality control in all of our service delivery.

We begin by carrying out a thorough assessment of your unique strengths and needs, so that our services can truly target your needs and reach your capacity building goals.

Our smaller boutique service also allows our workers to live by our core principle of generosity. Our workers will always be looking for how to ‘go the extra mile’ for you.




We have a no waiting list policy.

Everyone who asks can be immediately scheduled for an appointment time with our founding team member, Cliff Harry.

After thorough assessment of your circumstances, needs and goals, he will connect you to someone who can provide the services that you require, as soon as humanly possible.




We feel that the saying “I believe in putting family first” is something of a myth.

Are all mothers or fathers who work long hours in their careers no longer putting their children or families first?

It is obvious that we can fully love our families while still providing excellent care and attention to others.

We founded on the family legacy of Joshua Harry and his older brother’s passion to help people reach their full potential.

Our practice is to treat all people equally, and our workers are committed to treating you like a member of their own family.